We invest in biotech companies with balanced teams applying cutting edge technologies. We look for companies with either platform approaches relevant to multiple diseases, and/or with multiple drugs already in clinical development. The companies in our portfolio have already proven the basic science behind their approaches and are working towards a value inflection point.


Equity in privately held companies

Worldwide, mostly US and EU
  • Privately held companies
  • Biotech companies that develop therapies (drugs) or develop technologies that support the development of drugs, i.e. (pre-)clinical models, diagnostics
  • Therapies must potentially be disease modifying or curative
  • Companies must have diversified development programs targeting additional diseases or products, and at least one active program in ALS or relevant for ALS
  • Later development stage with proven science, preference on clinical stage investments (Phase I or II)
  • Focus on Series A and B investment rounds alongside other investors

$1M – $10M